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 1. Instead of sports, he likes academics.

or ...

He likes academics instead of sports.

(instead of = something replaces another thing; something is preferred over another thing.)


 2. He chose a military career instead of going to college.


Instead of going to college, he chose a military career.

(note: "Instead of" is often followed by a gerund.)

boot camp


 3. It's better for your health to eat a lot of vegetables instead of a lot of meat.



 4. I prefer antique radios instead of new ones.


 5. He wants to work for himself instead of working for someone else. bike
 6. They've decided to go to work by bike today instead of by car. people riding bikes
 7. We had rain showers today instead of the sunny day predicted by the weatherman. rain
 8. Instead of going out for lunch, he usually eats at his desk, or he skips lunch completely. office worker
 9. He likes skateboarding instead of other sports.






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