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 1. Throw the can into the recycling bin.
 2. These animals are headed into the water for some relief from the heat.
 3. She's diving into the water.

 4. This road leads into the mountains.

 5. Some heavy fog moved into the city from the ocean.
 6. They came into the music store to look for albums and CDs.

 7. They're very into new music.

They're also very into each other.

(When used as an idiom, "into" means "to like." I'm into rock'n'roll. She's into yoga. We're into Indian food.)

 8. He looked into the bubbling pot to see what was cooking inside.

 9. Around Halloween, many people carve pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns.

 10. As she was walking, she broke through the ice and fell into the freezing water.

"into" is similar to "in" but not the same.





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