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The word "outside" can be used as a noun, a preposition, an adjective, or as an adverb.


 1. This is a beautiful place to spend a vacation outside the city.


 2. The tourists are walking around outside the temple.

outside a temple

 3. He tries to get outside the office whenever possible.

man outside

 4. Some kids left their bikes outside the store.

 5. They're outside their house.
father and son
 6. This light is left on outside at night.
 7. He's outside in the hot sun. in the sun

 8. They like to cook outside in the summer.

(In this sentence, "outside" is used as an adverb to describe where "they like to cook." )

man cooking
 9. She likes to be outside in the winter. woman outside

10. The outside of a peach is fuzzy and a little thick; the inside is sweet and juicy.

(In this sentence, "outside" is used a noun: "The outside...")







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