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 1. This baby giraffe doesn't want to go anywhere without its mother.

(without = with no)

 2. I like seedless watermelon. It's grown without any seeds. (This piece has seeds, but it still tastes good.)
 3. If you have a baby, don't send him or her out into the cold without first wrapping the child in warm clothes.

 4. This man is waiting for his girlfriend to arrive. He went to this hotdog stand without her.

 Now she's with him.

 5. Marion likes her tea with sugar, but Helen likes it without sugar.

 6. He eats his food without using a fork.

Instead, he eats his food with chopsticks.


 7. It's impossible to ski downhill without snow.

 8. Without her seeing-eye dog, she wouldn't be able to go anywhere safely.

seeing eye dog
 9. This picture was drawn a long time ago. The artist drew it without adding any color.
 10. He's riding his bike without a helmet.






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