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April 23, 2012 - Word of the Day: panic


When a person feels very afraid of something, he or she might panic. This feeling of fear causes a person to lose the ability to think clearly and this results in a bad decision. When a large group of people panic all at once, it can create a dangerous situation.

  • Everyone panicked when they heard the alarm go off.
  • A fire in the auditorium caused the audience to panic.
  • Please don't panic. We'll figure a way out of this.
  • If you panic , you'll just make the situation worse.

As a noun, the word "panic" looks like this:

  • When water seeped into the boat, it created a feeling of panic among the passengers.
  • There was widespread panic after the people learned that their country had been invaded.

You can also use the word "panicky" as an adjective:

  • Sheila feels a little panicky when she's in a room with too many people. She has claustrophobia.
  • The children got a little panicky before the tornado struck.
  • Try not to get panicky. The police will be here soon.


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