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February 2, 2012 - Word of the Day: moist


Use the word "moist" for situations and areas where there is a small amount of water:

  • Linda doesn't want her skin to feel too dry, so she keeps her hands moist with hand lotion.
  • It rained last night. The ground is still moist.
  • My forehead feels moist because I'm sweating a little.
  • This cake isn't very moist. It's too dry.
  • Brian's car seat is a little moist because he left the window open last night and it rained.
  • Someone must have just taken a shower because this towel is moist.

The noun form of "moist" is "moisture."

  • There's a lot of moisture in the air this morning. That's why it's so foggy.
  • Too much moisture in your basement might create conditions for mold to form.
  • Moisture inside an old refrigerator freezer can create ice, and then the freezer needs to be defrosted.

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