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Use the word "appropriate" when something fits a situation or when a person's behavior is okay.

  • Q: Are his clothes appropriate for working in an office?
  • A: Yes, a suit is very appropriate. He's dressed appropriately for his job.


  • Q: Are his clothes appropriate for working in an office?
  • A: No, they aren't. He's dressed inappropriately for working in an office. His clothes are appropriate for riding on a skateboard.


  • Walter said something that was inappropriate during class. (Use the prefix "in" to make this adjective negative.)
  • The punishment the teacher gave him was appropriate.
  • One hour was an appropriate amount of time to finish the test.
  • The manager spoke to his employees in a manner that was not appropriate, so they walked off the job.
  • Two thousand dollars was an appropriate offer for Bob's car. It's not worth very much.


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This page was first published on July 19, 2012. It was updated on February 28, 2016.



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