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"Timing" is something that is usually good or bad. If it's good, that means you did something at a good time and you benefited; if it's bad, that means you did something at a bad time and this caused a problem. The word "timing" is a noun. The meaning is different from the verb "time."

  • If you have good timing, you're lucky.
  • If you have bad timing, you're unlucky.
  • Laura's timing was very good. She got to the store just as they were opening the door.
  • Christopher's timing was bad. As he left his house for work, it started to rain really hard.
  • The timing for the wedding was just right. They planned it for the summer when people were on vacation and could attend.
  • The timing for the party couldn't have been worse. It happened during a holiday weekend when most people were away.
  • People whose timing was good bought houses when they were inexpensive.
  • People whose timing was bad bought houses when the housing market was frothy and houses were overpriced.


They tried to start a campfire just as it started to rain. Their timing wasn't very good.

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This page was first published on June 13, 2012. It was updated on February 10, 2016.




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