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 March 7, 2012 - Word of the Day: find


You can use the word "find" for things that are new. A person "finds" something intentionally (by looking for it) or by accident. A "find" is a discovery or an invention or it's a recovery when something is lost:

This is what it looks like as a verb:

simple past past participle
  • Did you find your cat?
  • They found a new house to live in.
  • We need to find a new place to live.
  • I can't find anything to watch on TV.
  • Laura found a new job.
  • Mark wasn't able to find the address.
  • Can you find Bismark, North Dakota on a map?
  • Are you finding your way around campus?
  • I find this wine to be too sweet. (find = think)
  • They found Florida to be too hot and humid, so they moved.
  • How do you find life in the United States? (What do you think about life in the United States?)


This is what it looks like as a noun:

  • This is an important find. (find = discovery)
  • Several new findings support their research. (finding = discovery)
  • I love your new couch. What a great find! (What a great purchase or bargain.)
  • A new find in Africa supports some theories about the origins of early human beings.

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