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 March 4, 2012 - Word of the Day: fix


When you repair something, you "fix" it:

  • fixing a pipe He's fixing a pipe.
  • Someone needs to fix the hole in the street.
  • A plumber fixed my toilet.
  • Do you know how to fix your car?
  • It's not easy to fix a computer.
  • They're fixing their house. It needs a lot of work.

You often hear this verb used in the passive voice:

  • The electricity was fixed this morning.
  • This situation has to be fixed.
  • Why wasn't this fixed earlier?
  • My neighbor's roof needs to be fixed.
  • How soon can my car be fixed?

Some Americans use the word "fix" for the preparation of food:

  • What are you fixing for dinner?
  • They fixed a big dinner for their guests.
  • Sandra fixes breakfast and lunch for her kids.

The word "fix" is also used by some Americans to describe any sort of preparation. This is a form of slang which I don't recommend, but you might hear it used:

  • They're fixing to leave soon.
  • I'm fixing to buy some land.
  • He's fixing to get married. (Notice I dropped the "g" sound in "fixing." People who use "fix" in this manner are likely to drop the "g.")

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