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 March 11, 2012 - Word of the Day: neat

Use the word "neat" to describe something that is clean and organized. The word "neat" is an adjective:

  • Their apartment is very neat.
  • My desk isn't neat. There's a lot of junk on it.
  • Alice and Randy live in a neat neighborhood. The houses and yards are well maintained.
  • Carl's suit is neat and clean.
  • It's hard to keep little kids looking neat and clean for very long. They get dirty fast.
  • This store is neat and tidy. Everything is easy to find. Everything is well organized.

You can also use "neat" to describe something you like or something that you admire:

  • This is a neat restaurant. Look at how it's decorated with 1950s furniture and all the stuff on the walls.
  • That's a neat car. I wish I could afford to buy it.
  • That was a neat trick. How did you do that?

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