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October 22, 2012 - Word of the Day



When two objects hit against each other, they collide. This word is usually used for large objects involved in an accident:


  • A large ship and an iceberg collided in the ocean.
  • There was a collision between an iceberg and a large ship. (The word "collision" is a noun.)
  • When cars collide on the highway, they have to pull over to the shoulder and wait until the police arrive.
  • If you have collision insurance, that will cover the cost of repairs.
  • Astronomers believe that a long time ago, the Earth and another planet collided. The result of this collision was the rotation of our planet and the creation of the moon.
  • Two pedestrians collided into each other while crossing the street because they were each looking down at their cell phones as they were walking.

The word "collide" is similar to the word "crash."


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