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The word "open" can be used as an adjective or as a verb:

  • The door is open. (adjective)
  • Someone opened the door. (verb)

This is a basic word in English; however, there are many different and interesting ways to use it. Look at the examples below:

  • She wants to open her own business and make a lot of money.
open a business
  • I need to open these letters. Do you have a letter opener?
  • My boss is a very open person. He tells his employees what's on his mind. Everyone knows what he thinks.
open to new ideas
  • Joe needs to open a savings account at the bank.
money for a bank account
  • They're having an open house this weekend. (It's for sale. When it's open, you can walk in and look around at the house.

open house

  • She's an open-minded person. She's willing to consider different possibilities.
  • Every morning Maria opens the newspaper and has a cup of coffee as she reads about the day's events.
open a newspaper
  • Open your book and turn to page 325. (This is a good example of a command.)
  • Hunting season opens in November.


To use "open" as a noun, add "ing."

  • There's an opening in the fence where the rabbits are getting through and coming into the yard. (opening = a hole)
  • This company has many job openings right now. (opening = an available job)
  • Bob saw an opening and took advantage of it. (opening = an opportunity)


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This page was first published on September 24, 2012. It was updated on April 24, 2016.





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