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If two things or people are similar, they are almost the same.

architecture old building
The architectural style of buidings in Washington D.C. is similar to the style of buildings built by the ancient Greeks.

In the picture above, the height of the two buildings is similar. They use similar building materials. Both use pillars as a means of support for a roof. There are many similarities.

The word "similar" is an adjective:

  • Renee and Theodore have similar ideas about how to raise a family.
  • The two boys who live across the street look similar to each other.
  • This frozen yogurt tastes similar to ice cream.

The word "similarity" is a noun:

  • There are many similarities between these two apples. Do you see the similarities?
  • They're both sweet and hard, but the colors are different.
    apple 1

This video provides additional explanation for the word "similar."




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