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 This website is free for students and schools in the U.S. and around the world. There are seven levels of instruction: blue, red,  yellow green,  purple orange,  and violet. LearnAmericanEnglishOnline.com has been providing videos, lessons, exercises, quizzes, and advice since 2003.

   September 2014:  The Blue Level

Basic English

Here are your lessons for this week:

 * Sun, Sept 28: Lesson 28 - need   /  L29 needed

 * Mon, Sept 29: Blue Level Review   /  Answers

 * Tue, Sept 30: Blue Level Test 1   /   Test 2

 * Wed, Oct 1: Red Level Lesson One - do

 * Thu, Oct 2: Red Level Lesson Two - do not

 * Fri, Oct 3:  Red Level Lesson Three - do vs. did

 * Sat, Oct 4: Red Level Lesson Four - commands

Print: The Blue Level Checklist

NEW: Word of the Day Quiz #28 - Sept. 2014

NEW: Words that rhyme with "do"  new

Students who have finished the Yellow Level scroll down the page for Green Level Lessons.  arrow down

   October 2014:  The Red Level:

Basic English

Here are your lessons for next week:

 * Sun, Oct 5: RL Lesson Five - do (questions)

 * Mon, Oct 6: RL Lesson Six - object pronouns

 * Tue, Oct 7: RL Lesson Seven - do (main verb)

 * Wed, Oct 8: RL Lesson Eight - many and much

 * Thu, Oct 9: RL Lesson Nine - a few and a little

 * Fri, Oct 10:  RL Lesson Ten - a lot, some, any

 * Sat, Oct 11: RL Lesson Eleven - future tense, will

Print: The Red Level Checklist

It takes seven months to finish all seven levels if you complete one lesson every day.

 September 2014:  The Green Level is for intermediate and advanced students who want to learn how to use the passive voice.

Here are your lessons for this week:

 * Sun, Sept 28: Green Level Review

 * Mon, Sept 29: Green Level Test 1   /   Test 2

 * Tue, Sept 30: The Purple Level

 * Wed, Oct 1: PL Lesson One - go  /  idioms

 * Thu, Oct 2: PL Lesson Two - get   /   idoms

 * Fri, Oct 3:  PL Lesson Three - put   /   idioms

 * Sat, Oct 4: PL Lesson Four - use

Print: The Purple Level Checklist


 October 2014:  The Purple Level is for intermediate and advanced students who have completed the Blue, Red, Yellow, and Green Levels.

Here are your lessons for next week:

 * Sun, Oct 5: PL Lesson Five - take   /   idoms

 * Mon, Oct 6: PL Lesson Six - give   /   idioms

 * Tue, Oct 7: PL Lesson Seven -  see

 * Wed, Oct 8: PL Lesson Eight  -  look   /   idioms

 * Thu, Oct 9: PL Lesson Nine -  know

 * Fri, Oct 10:  PL Lesson Ten - make   /  idioms

 * Sat, Oct 11: PL Lesson Eleven - come   /   idioms

Print: The Purple Level Checklist


arrow down  YouTube Videos:

present tense negative  new

Short answers to questions that use the verbs "be" and "do" in the present tense and the past tense.

To go to the LearnAmericanEnglishOnline YouTube channel, click here.

Today's expression:

with one arm tied behind one's back: to do something at a disadvantage and still win.

He can beat up the other man with one arm tied behind his back.




wing it: try to do something without preparation.

Instead of using a written speech, the speaker tried to wing it, but he made a lot of mistakes, and a few times he forgot what he was trying to say.


What's the Question?

You can practice making questions on the What's the Question? page.


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Word of the Day:

mortgage  new 10/1


The Listening Lab

These students came to the website to study English in September 2014. Send your photo here.


Meudis -- Venezuela

Ashin -- Myanmar

Habiba -- Azerbaijan

Ibrahima -- Mali
Paktip -- Thailand
Martin -- Hungary
Jalila -- Afghanistan





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