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In light of recent events, the word of the day is "racism."

I also posted a comment on my Facebook page. Here it is:

It's reassuring to know that our elected officials, and all Americans, are permitted to freely express themselves without a fear of repercussions. That's not true in many countries around the world. In Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Russia, dissent will earn a person time in detention, or worse. In contrast to the lackeys of dictators and murdering kings, members of the United States Congress have a duty to work towards the creation of a "more perfect union," and part of that work includes the occasional criticism of the way things are done here. Thanks to people like Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib for identifying and addressing problems that exist in our country today.

I try to avoid commenting on matters involving politics on Facebook but because I have so many friends online around the world, it's important to say something rather than just remain silent when there is an incident such as the one yesterday at the Trump rally. Just know where I stand. Rooted in the chant "send her back" is the danger that comes from xenophobia, racism, and white nationalism. We don't send anybody back because of their religious or political beliefs or what they look like. We embrace them and take pride in knowing they are here. There is strength in diversity and a diversity of opinions.

By the way, xenophobes, racists, and white nationalists are allowed to run for election in the United States and serve in elective office if they have the support of the majority of voters in their districts. They are also allowed to express their ideas as long as that form of self-expression does not lead to anyone's physical harm. It's a freedom of speech issue. In fact, prejudice is protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It's totally legal here to be bigoted and prejudge others. But it's wrong and the majority of voters here reject it.

Here's a new Word of the Day quiz for the summer of 2019.

The word of the day is "invent." To invent something is to create for the first time. Human beings are very good at inventing machines, ideas, and products. After these things are invented, we work on making them better.

The sky where I live has been kind of hazy due to wildfires burning in Canada. The word of the day is "haze."

haze haze

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to garden.


The word of the day is "flake."

corn flake

An errand is something a person does daily or weekly in order to take care of the needs of a household or an organization. You can also refer to an errand as a light task or a chore. Errands often involve going to a place to get something or drop something off.

woman driving She's got some errands to do today.

A deck is an area outside of a house or on the upper level of a ship that provides a space for relaxing when the weather is nice.

deck on a house

This vacation home has a very nice deck!

The word of the day is "cling."

boy clinging to a branch

The boy is clinging to the tree for dear life.

Today we celebrate our country's independence from England. Happy Fourth of July!

The word of the day is "badge."


Use the word "appreciate" when you value something or thank someone for something they have done for you.

The word of the day is "crop."

Here's a new reading exercise for the Red Level: Beat the Heat.

three girls swimming in a lake

They go swimming to beat the heat.

If you would like to study words related to the topic of geography, click on this link to sign up for a free vocabulary lesson on quizlet. These vocabulary words are intended for advanced learners of English.

The word of the day is "police." Over the years that I've been teaching, I've noticed that many of my students make mistakes with this word and the verbs that match it. Remember that the word "police" is always plural.

police officer The police have arrested him.

Here's another quizlet quiz on the subject of groups. Tell me what you think if these quizzes are helpful.

If you are interested in the game of chess, I made this lesson so that students can learn a little about the names of the pieces or how they move. Do you know how to talk about chess in English?

This new video is for the verb phrase "come up with." When a person comes up with something, he or she makes something, produces an idea, or finds a solution.


Summer is a time when students are allowed to slack off a little as they take a break from school. But don't slack off too much! A person who slacks off becomes a little lazy. This is bad if it becomes a habit. You can slack off a little but not too much.


What a couple of slackers!

If something is "grungy," it's dirty or it feels dirty. You can also use this word for places that are old and in need of repair, such as buildings, streets, and cities.

grungy bar

Rock clubs are often kind of grungy.

When you swap something, you exchange it for something else with another person. This word is similar to the word "trade."

swap ideas

They're swapping ideas.

It's Father's Day in the United States today. This is a day on which children and wives pay tribute to the men who have provided them with good guidance and the financial resources that a family needs to thrive.

The internet is loaded with all kinds of scams and fake websites created to steal money from people. You really have to be careful about whom to trust.

The word of the day for today is "scheme."


This new video introduces the topic of relative clauses. There will be more on this topic to follow.


The word of the day is "sneak."

guy sneaking out of work early

He's sneaking out early.

The word of the day is "band."

oompah band

There are many different kinds of bands for people who like to play music.

In this new video, I provide examples of ways to use the verb "let."


The word of the day is "crap."

guy carrying crap He's got a lot of crap.

The word of the day is "summer."


This new video is for the phrasal verb "go for."


It's summer! Many students across the United States are ending their school year, ready to enjoy a relaxing summer. They'll go to the beach, visit parks, check out the museums, attend special events, and have parties. It's really a great time of year. Enjoy your summer!


Today's word of the day is "blur."

In this new video I explain the differences between the words "clothes" and "clothing."


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