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~ Conversations in English ~





A phone call between two young men


(The phone rings and a man wearing a yellow bicycle shirt answers.)

Matt: Hello

man answering phone

This is Matt.

Wellington: Matt, my man! What's up?


This is Wellington.

Matt: Not much, dude. What's up with you?
man answering phone
Welington: Nothin. Say, I was just thinking about going over to Sarah's to hang out if you want to come along.
Matt: Aww, dude! I'd love to but I have to work this afternoon.
man answering phone
Wellington: Well, that sucks.

Matt: Yeah, but it's okay 'cause I really need the cash.



man answering phone
Wellington: Yeah, no kidding. You still owe me ten bucks, Dude. What time are you getting off?
Matt: I'll be done around 10. I'm going over to The Dive after that. Meet me there. man answering phone
Wellington: Okay, I'll see you then. Talk to you later.

Matt: Later.


later: goodbye

man answering phone


Note: The word "Dude" is often used between friends in the United States. It simply means friend. It can have different meanings depending on the speaker's intonation.





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