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jam up / jam = get stuck; a mechanical failure

The toilet got all jammed up so we had to call a plumber.

The highways were jammed with traffic during rush hour.


jerk / jerk around = to cause problems for someone; to be mean, not nice

Stanley got tired of being jerked around by his boss, so he quit his job.

His boss was a jerk.


join in = become a part of a group; invite

While her friends were talking, she wasn't able to join in the conversatioin because she had to finish doing something on her laptop.


joke around = to say something funny, not serious.

A: It's snowing outside?! Are you kidding me?

B: Yeah, I'm just joking around.


jump on = buy or get something quickly.


When we found out this house was for sale, we jumped on it and our offer was accepted.



just around the corner = very soon.


Her due date is just around the corner. She'll probably have her baby within the next couple of weeks.

expecting baby

 just in = new information suddenly avaialble. Usually used on radio and TV news.

"Just in... a tornado has been sighted in our area. Take shelter immediately!"


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