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 Idioms U


a. update = to provide new information; to make something new or modern.

His girlfriend thinks he needs to update his look. His clothes and his glasses are really old.

b. up to date = almost the same as "update," but used as an adjective.

I'm not up-to-date on the day's news.

upside down = in the opposite direction of up

This monkey prefers hanging upside down to sitting on the branch.

monkey upside down


a. up to = until some time

Up to now she hasn't had anything to eat, so she's really hungry.


b. up to = the responsibility of a decision belong to someone.

Most of the really important decisions to be made are left up to his boss.

english as a second language boss

a. used to = something is in the past--similar to "did."

I used to eat a lot of candy, but now I don't because it's bad for my teeth.

b. used to = accustomed to something; in the habit of.

I'm used to eating healthy food, whether it tastes good or not. (a gerund often appears after "used to.")

Are you used to your computer, or is it difficult to operate?

       candy for esl images

 use up - use all of something; deplete food.

We're going to use up all the milk and the eggs when we make lunch, so we need to get some more.



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