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x-rated = for adults only; pictures, movies or language not good for children to see or hear.

Natalie starred in an X-rated movie last year, but it caused a lot of problems for her family and her friends because she was naked in the film.

She leads an x-rated life.

x marks the spot = this is the place to look for or find something.

X-marked the spot where the children hid something and later planned to dig it up again.


year after year = every year for many years.

She's been teaching the same class year after year, but she never gets tired of helping her students learn.

year round = all year; every month of the year

One reason people like to live in Los Angeles is because it's sunny and warm there year round.

you bet / you betcha = you're welcome

A: Thanks for the water.

B: You bet.


you got me = I don't know; I don't have an answer.

A: Hey, Tom. Where did your ball go?

B: You got me. I can't find it.

zero in on = focus on something; pay attention closely; concentrate.

He's so zeroed in on winning that he forgets about everything else.


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