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ESL Podcast - This website has a great collection of podcasts which you can listen to online or download to a portable device.

Voice of America - This is a special section of the U.S. government-run website. You can listen to the news and learn English at the same time.

Elllo - a free online listening resource of over 1,000 listening activities designed especially for ESL and EFL students and teachers.

NPR - National Public Radio. This is one my favorite radio networks to listen to. You will find it's a good source of honest, unbiased information. Listen to it in your car if you live in the U.S.

Talk English - Fairly easy to use with many different topics. Here you can listen and read a script at the same time.

English Listening - Listen to speakers of English and read transcripts at the same time.

English Online France - There's a really great collection here of videos and listening and speaking exercises.

Audio English - Dialogue, narration, phrases, and role playing. This is a really interesting site.

Rong-Chang - Listen to and read conversations held my Americans. Includes audio in quicktime, so you'll have to keep two windows open at the same time. Nice work!

All Ears English - Two young women have conversations in English. Intended for advanced-level students.






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