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Basic English Dictionary - This is a regular feature on the LAEO webite. It's updated every day!

The Free Dictionary - An amazing website with thorough definitions of words, and you can hear how each word is pronounced.

Online Dictionary - A free bilingual dictionary.

Bablaru - This language portal offers translations, quizzes, games, and vocabulary exercises in 24 different languages.

Your Dictionary - Provides definitions and pronunciation.

Alpha Dictionary - This website contains a great collection of links to other dictionary websites.

The Urban Dictionary - Here you'll find words and expressions that you can't find in a regular dictionary.

Abbreviations - This is a collection of abbreviations commonly found in English. What does "BTW" mean? If you don't know, you can look it up here.

Wordsmith - This isn't a dictionary, but you can learn a new word every day. Subscriptions are free.



Wikipedia - Free online encyclopedia. Teach yourself about any subject.

Encyclopedia.com - Find popular topics and reference information on this site.


Idioms and Expressions

Expressions and Sayings - This is a big list of popular expressions.

Idiom Connection - You'll find a good list of idioms in English.

Idiom Site - Idioms and expressions for English.

English Idioms Illustrated - This is an app. The first 30 idioms are free.



Howjsay - A website that will help you pronounce just about any word. The accent is British.

Many Things - Listen to and practice pronunciation in American English.

Pronunciation - Learn about consonant and vowel sounds on this website.



Slang Site - This is a very impressive dictionary of American and British slang and webspeak. Some of the words are very obscure and not useful, but the site is very interesting.

Learn American Slang Online - This is a link to another section of this website.

The Online Slang Dictionary - This is a collaborative project that allows visitors to submit ideas.



FreeTranslation - The name says it all. Fairly accurate.

Reverso.net - Find online translation in many different languages. This is especially useful for conjugating verbs.





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