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ESL Resource Center - useful for ESL students and teachers.

Newsela - An excellent website for teachers who need news articles customized for their students' needs.

The EFL Playhouse - If you teach children, this site has some good ideas for lessons.

123 - This is a great site if you like to use pictures when teaching students. Create your own materials on this website and print them out. Good stuff here!

eslHQ - A good resource for teachers who want to make worksheets, create board games, and learn about new opportunities within the profession of teaching English.

Lesson Writer - Create comprehensive literacy lesson plans and student materials from any content in minutes. This is very useful for creating lesson plans quickly and professionally. Five stars!

English Club - another great website with resources for both students and teachers of English.

chompchomp - Here you'll find some good teaching materials, including powerpoint presentations that you can use in class with a projector.

American English - Teaching materials provided by the U.S. government and available to English teachers around the world

ABCTeach - Some useful ESL teaching materials and games are on this site.

K12reader - Reading instruction resources for teachers and parents.

One Stop English - There's a nice collection of resources for ESL teachers here, but a lot of it requires a subscription. You can find most of this stuff on the internet for free, but if it saves you time, go for it.

4 Teachers - works to help you integrate technology into your classroom by offering online tools and resources.

Busy Teacher - Free lessons and worksheets! Yeah!

TES Connect - Located in the U.K., this is the world's largest online network for teachers.

English-Guide - Some good resources with a lot of links to videos.


Teaching Jobs and Degrees

FunEasyEnglish - This website has an up-to-date listing of teaching jobs around the world.

Teaching China: A platform specializing in foreign ESL teacher recruitment in China. Your connection to hundreds of direct employers across China.

K12jobspot - Find open job postings from schools across the United States.

Online Teaching Degree - Directory of accredited online teacher degree programs from popular colleges and universities. 

Education Degree - This directory includes a list of over 20,000 teacher education degree and certificate programs, offered by over 1,700 colleges and school districts across the US, reviewed and compiled by hand.

ESL Base - Learn what you need to do in order to find a job teaching English as a foreign language. It's a good way to see the world.

English Teacher EDU - This website has some good resources for people seeking a career as a teacher




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