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Mister Duncan in England - He speaks British English, but you really have to learn how to listen to both British and American English. Mister Dunan is very entertaining!

OMGMeiu's Channel - A young American woman who lives in China teaches English. She explains vocabulary and slang in Chinese. Young Chinese people will really like this channel.

Speaking Your Best - Cheryl Posey can help you improve your pronunciation of American English with her good advice.

Rachel's English - She has a nice voice and she can help you sound like an American.

JamesESL - James is good at keeping his audience interested in his lessons. I recommend this channel for intermediate and advanced learners.

English with Jennifer - This American English teacher is extremely skillful in teaching English as a second language. I highly recommend this channel for intermediate and advanced learners of English.

The Daily English Show - Sarah is a talented young lady who makes great videos for people who want to learn English. Her accent sounds British because she's a New Zealander, and she speaks English beautifully! Her videos are very professional and interesting.



If you know of other good YouTube channels for learning English, send me the link. Thanks!




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