2. Joe loves to play baseball

joe is a baseball player


baeseball batter




Now you try it. Record your voice and compare

it to the way your teacher sounds.


Joe loves to play baseball. He's been on a baseball team since he was eight years old, and now, at the age of twenty-one, he hopes to play on a professional baseball team.

Joe has good eyesight, quick reflexes, and he's very fast. All of those qualities make him a good player. He also works hard at improving his skills as a player by going to practice regularly and exercising every day. Other players admire his work ethic.

Off the field, Joe works at a sporting goods store. He helps customers find things, and he gives them advice on what to buy. He likes working at the store, but playing professional sports is his life's dream.

  • 1A. What does Joe _______ to do?
  • 1B: He loves ___ _____baseball.
  • 2A: How long has he _______ on a baseball team?
  • 2B: He's _______ on a team since he was eight.
  • 3A: How does he improve his skills as a player?
  • 3B: He works _______.
  • 4A: Where does Joe work?
  • 4B: He works ______ a sporting goods store.
  • 5A: What _______ he do there?
  • 5B: He helps customers find things in the store.

(1. love / to play; 2. been / been; 3. hard; 4. at; 5. does)

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