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Red Level Quiz #11 - The Future Tense

Part A.

Directions: Change the verb from the present tense to the future tense using "will." (10 points)

1. She's in New York today.

    She ______________ in New York tomorrow, too.

2. They're at home.

    They ______________ at home this weekend.

3. He does his homework every night.

    He ________________ his homework tonight after dinner.

4. I really like this movie.

    My friends _________ probably __________ this movie, too.

5.  Is there enough time to finish this assignment?

  ________ there _______ enough time to finish this assignment?

6. You don't see any snow in Florida.

    You _______________ any snow in Florida.

7. Maria goes to a really good school.

    Maria _____________ to a good school next year also.

8. Where's the party?

     Where ____________ the party __________?

9. How much does a plane ticket cost?

    How much ___________ a plane ticket _____________?

10. He has a good time when he goes on vacation.

     He ____________________ a good time on his next vacation.


Part B.

Directions: Change the verb from the past tense to the "going to" future tense. (10 points)

1. We were at church on Sunday.

    We _____________________ at church next Sunday, too.

2. They went to a museum yesterday.

    They ________________________ to the zoo, tomorrow.

3. Roger didn't do his laundry yet.

    Roger __________________________ it today either.

4. What did they have for breakfast?

    What ________ they ____________________ for lunch?

5. How many people were there?

   How many people ________ there __________________?

6. Was there a good movie showing?

    ______ there _______________ a good movie showing?

7. Everyone had a good time.

    Everyone __________________________ a good time.

8. Boris helped me fix my car.

    Boris _____________________ me fix my computer, too.

9. She wasn't on time for class yesterday.

   She probably ________________________ on time today.

10. Shukri did well on her test.

     She _____ probably _________________ well in college.

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