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the future tense - will

 Directions: Write information questions in the future tense using the modal verb "will." First, read the answer. Then, write the question by hand in your notebook.


Question: What time will the class end?     wtie by hand

Answer: The class will end at 8:45.  

1. Question: What time will the movie end?

    Answer: The movie will end at 1:20.

2. Question: Where will we look for jobs?

    Answer: We'll look for jobs in hotels.

3. Question: How many people will be at the party?

    Answer: There will be eight people at the party.

4. Question: How much will it cost to get my car fixed?

    Answer: It will cost $250 to get my car fixed.

5. Question: When will you call her?

    Answer: I'll call her tomorrow.

6. Question: How long will it last?

    Answer: I don't know how long it will last.

7. Question: When will she graduate?

   Answer: She'll graduate in the spring.

8. Question: What time will they be here?

    Answer: They'll be here at seven o'clock.

9. Question: Where will you be tomorrow?

    Answer: I'll be at the grocery store tomorrow.

10. Question: When will they finish?

     Answer: They won't finish until after five o'clock.

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