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December 13, 2011 - Word of the Day



The word "hunt" can be a noun or a verb. The most popular use for "hunt" is when a person wants to find and kill an animal for food, but you can also use "hunt" when doing a search. In the sentences below, I'll show you how to use "hunt" as a verb first and then as a noun.

  • They're hunting for deer this weekend.
  • They went on a hunt for deer.
  • George is hunting for a job.
  • He's on a job hunt.
  • Kathryn hunted for a job for months before finally finding one.
  • Her job hunt lasted for months.
  • The police are hunting for a man who escaped from jail.
  • They're on a manhunt.
  • At this time of year, shoppers hunt for bargains on items purchased as gifts.
  • They're on a hunt for good deals.

Do you recognize the differences between "hunt" as a verb and "hunt" as a noun? If not, look at the above sentences again. Or look at the sentences below:

  • He's hunting. (verb)
  • He's on a hunt. (noun)

hunterHe's a hunter.

You also might need help understanding how to identify a noun and how to identify a verb.

What is a noun?

What is a verb?


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