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When something hurts, use the word "ache" to describe the pain:

  • He has a stomachache.
  • His stomach aches.

In the first sentence, the word "ache" is a noun. In the second sentence, "ache" is a verb.

  • I have a toothache.
  • My tooth aches.
  • You have a backache.
  • Your back aches.
  • Our daughter has an earache.
  • Her ear aches.

You can also use the word "ache" to describe an emotional response to a situation:

  • Their hearts ache for family members in Mexico who don't have enough money to feed their children.
  • Tony broke up with his girlfriend because he was tired of all the heartache she gave him.
  • Juanita is aching to get back home because she misses her husband and her family so much.


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