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November 29 , 2011 - Word of the Day: good

The word "good" has an obvious meaning as the opposite of "bad," but it has some other very common applications. Many people use it to say they've had enough of something:

  • A: Do you want any more coffee?
  • B: No, I'm good.

This means "I've had enough," but use it when someone asks you the question first:

  • A: Do you need any more help?
  • B: No, I'm good.
  • A: Is the boat tied up properly?
  • B: Yeah, it's good.

Sometimes "good" is similar to "okay" and it means that a situation is acceptable:

  • We're ordering a new series of books for the classroom. Are you good with that?

This word is also used in some expressions:

  • Her new job is good as gold. (very good; having the value of gold.)
  • He's good as dead if he goes to that neighborhood. (He could really die; it's very dangerous.)
  • This job is good as done. (This job is just about over. In my mind, it's finished.)

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Published November 29, 2011




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