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November 4, 2011 - Word of the Day:



You can use "tear" as a verb or as a noun. To "tear" something is to damage it by ripping with one's hands. You can also use "tear" when removing paper from a notebook or checkbook:

simple past past participle
  • You have to tear your assignment from your notebook and give it to the teacher.
  • Yolanda tore a check out of her checkbook and gave it to the salesclerk.
  • I tore my jacket on something. Now it has a big hole in the sleeve.
  • My jacket was torn while I was walking through the woods.
  • He was so mad at the people who fixed his car that he tore up the bill:


You can also use "tear" as a noun:

  • I have a tear in my jacket.
  • There's a tear in this dollar bill.
  • This picture has a large tear through the middle of it:


It's worth noting that we use the same spelling for the word "tear."

  • There were a lot of tears at the going-away party.
  • A small tear rolled down her cheek when she thought about her mother.
  • People produce tears when they cry.

  tear   a tear            


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