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November 16, 2011 - Word of the Day:



The word "vet" is a shortened form for "veteran" or "veterinarian. It's a good word to know because many people prefer "vet" to the longer versions.

A veteran is a person who has served in the U.S. military. You can shorten this word to "vet."

  • She's a vet. He's a vet. They're both vets.
  • The vets who served in Iraq are starting to come back home.
  • There are thousands of vets who don't get the support they need when they return.
  • Vets from World War II and the Korean War are in their 80s and 90s.

A veterinarian is an animal doctor. Many people bring their dog or cat to the vet, but there are also vets who work with farm and zoo animals.

  • When we got our kitten we took her to the vet for shots.
  • In some rural areas of the United States, it's not easy to find a vet for farm animals.
  • Vets who work at zoos have very interesting jobs.

vetHe works as a vet.


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