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The word "again" is an adverb. It generally means more or repeat.

  • Do you want to see that movie again? (Do you want to see that movie one more time?)
  • The birds are back again pecking at the side of the house.
  • Tanya is late for class again. This is the third time this week.
  • Can you say that again? I didn't hear you.
  • Louis needs to get his car fixed again.
  • Again, I'm warning you not to drive down this street too fast.

When I'm teaching English in class and I want my students to repeat something one more time, I simply say "again."

  • Available. (The class says "available.) Again.
  • The nurse weighed Amanda on the scale. (The class says this.) The nurse weighed Amanda on the scale. Again.

Sometimes the word "again" acts sort of like a conjunction joining two clauses:

  • They might get married, and again they might not.
  • To understand this theory, again we need to listen to what Professor Jenkins said.
  • This could be a very easy thing to do; again, it could turn out to be very difficult. (In this sentence, "again" is similar to however.)


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April 2, 2012







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