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You can use the word "finish" to describe the end of a competition or the end of a season:

  • How did the team finish its season?
  • Who crossed the finish line first? (The word "finish" is used as an adjective in this sentence.)
  • What was her time when she finished the race?

finish line

It's also common to use the word "finish" for other activities:

  • What time does the movie finish?
  • Are you finished eating?
  • Are you finished?
  • Please, finish your work!
  • Please, finish!
  • Our company finished the year with a large profit.
  • Their marriage is finished.
  • I'm finished with you. (This could be said in anger.)
  • They finished off the enemy with a barrage of artillery.
  • I always try to finish whatever I start.



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This page was first published on August 10, 2012. It was updated on March 5, 2016.



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