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The word "victory" is very similar to the word "win" when it's used as a noun. Sporting events, wars, and other forms of competition usually result in some kind of victory for one side or the other:

  • Jose lead his team to victory this season.
  • Natalya loves the taste of victory.
  • The people of Libya celebrated their victory over the fall of a brutal dictator.
  • They couldn't relax until the victory was certain.
  • Victory will be mine.


When this word is in the form of an adjective, it becomes "victorious."

  • It was a tough match, but in the end our team was victorious.
  • Once the battle concluded, the victorious army did not harm the people of the city.
  • The victorious team claimed the trophy.

A person who wins is a victor:

  • It was a tough fight, but it was obvious to all who the victor was.
  • To the victor go the spoils. (This is an expression. It means that the person or the group that wins a competition or a battle gets the material things that go along with a win.)


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This page was first published on August 3, 2012. It was updated on July 22, 2015.







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