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We use the word "jerk" as a noun when describing a person whose behavior is not polite. The person is rude. This is a popular word in the United States. It's usually used for men.

  • Everyone got mad at Gerardo because he was being such a jerk towards the waitress.
  • Some jerk threw all the trash that was in his car on the ground in the parking lot.
  • The jerk driving behind me got too close with his car and hit my rear bumper when I suddenly stopped.
  • Amanda always seems to go out with guys who are jerks. Why can't she find someone who's nice?
  • Tom hates talking to his boss because his boss is a jerk.
  • What a jerk!


You can also use "jerk" as a verb. In this case, it means a sudden motion:

simple past past participle
  • The car jerked forward when the driver put it into first gear.
  • The little boy jerked something out of his sister's hands.
  • Don't jerk your fishing pole too hard if you think a fish has taken your bait.

The word "jerky" is an adjective:

  • That was a jerky thing to do. What did he do that?
  • Why is Todd being so jerky to his girlfriend?


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