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Use the word "refund" when you get money back for something you purchased or when you pay too much money for anything.

When the word is used as a noun, the accent is on the first syllable:

re fund

  • They received a refund from the government because they paid too much money in taxes last year.
  • This store will give you a full refund if you buy something here and don't like it.
  • We asked the hotel for a refund because our room was dirty and had bugs in it.
  • When are we getting our refund?
  • You should get a refund in the mail in about two weeks.

When this word is used as a verb, the accent is on the second syllalble:

re fund

  • They'll refund your money if you aren't happy with your purchase.
  • The store refunded our money because the phone we purchased didn't work.
  • The manager said he wouldn't refund my money because too much time has passed since I bought this guitar.
  • They need to see a photo ID in order to refund the money.

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This page was first published on February 28, 2012.







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