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"Totally" is an adverb. It's similar to "very" and "really." It's also similar to the words "completely" and "entirely."

  • The car was totally destroyed in the accident.
  • This agreement is totally unacceptable.
  • The project is totally finished.
  • Are you totally satisfied with your purchase?
  • The classroom was totally quiet during the test.

This is a popular word among younger people. You often hear "totally" used with slang and certain expressions:

  • That movie was totally awesome.
  • Bob totally screwed up on that song.
  • Nguyen says she's totally cool about us not going out tonight.
  • They got totally wasted last weekend. (They drank too much alcohol.)

You can use "totally" as a one-word response:

  • A: This Thai food is awesome!
  • B: Totally! (I agree!)

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This page was first published on February 12, 2012.







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