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The word "waste" is similar to the word "garbage" when it's used as a noun.

  • There's some waste in the trash can.
  • Human waste should never get into the water supply.
  • Don't let that food go to waste.

If something is not used completely, wisely, or properly, we say that it's a "waste."

  • All of our effort has been a complete waste.
  • HIs life is a waste.
  • Never let your education go to waste.
  • Your mind will go to waste if it's not used.
  • What a waste!

In these sentences, "wasted" is an adjective:

  • Prisons are full of people with wasted lives.
  • There's a lot of wasted food in the dumpster behind the grocery store.
  • He's so wasted. (This is kind of an expression. It means that he's really drunk or high on drugs.)

In these sentences, "waste" is a verb:

  • Angela wasted two years with Tony before she finally decided to end their relationship.
  • The money we spent on this furniture was wasted. It's already falling apart.
  • Rick wasted his money on casinos and fancy cars. Now he has nothing.
  • Don't waste natural resources such as water and land. They're too valuable.

wasteDon't waste the Earth!


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This page was first published on July 2, 2012. It was updated on March 26, 2015.



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