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Use the word "wrinkle" for people or fabric, especially clothing. A wrinkle is a crease, a fold, or an impression. (Note: This word begins with an "r" sound.)

  • Use an iron to remove wrinkles from clothing.



  • This shirt is wrinkled. It needs to be ironed. It's on an ironing board.
  • What do you do with wrinkled clothing?


ironing board

  • After towels are washed and dried, they need to be folded; otherwise, they might get wrinkled.



  • As a person gets older, wrinkles appear on the face and the body.
  • His face is wrinkled.
wrinkled old man


You can use "wrinkle" as a verb:

  • Don't let your clothes get wrinkled. Hang them up.
  • Remaining in water for a long time will wrinkle your fingers and toes.

You can use "wrinkle" as an adjective:

  • These pants are wrinkled.
  • Her wrinkled hands reveal her age.

You can use "wrinkle" as a noun:

  • Look at all the wrinkles on this shirt.
  • The wrinkles on his face indicate that he's old.


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This page was first published on July 15, 2012. It was updated on March 26, 2015.



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