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When you make money at work or through any other kind of activity, you "earn" money.

make money = earn money

simple past past participle
  • Sheila earns almost $1000 every two weeks.
  • Nguyen earned $45,000 last year.
  • Bob doesn't earn very much money at his job.
  • How much did you earn at your garage sale?
  • What can you do to earn extra money?
  • People who become doctors earn a good salary.
  • Gambling is not a good way to earn a living.
  • If you earn enough money, you can retire early.

The noun form of "earn" is "earnings."

  • What were your earnings last year?
  • Their household earnings aren't enough to pay the mortgage and all of their bills.
  • Don's earnings next year will be better than this year.

earn money

He earns a lot of money as a stockbroker.

Last year his earnings were over a million dollars!


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This page was first published on June 3, 2013. It was updated on March 5, 2015.







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