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The word "dine" is similar to the word "eat," but it's usually a word associated with very good--yet expensive--food.

simple past past participle
  • Helen and Saul dined late last night because they both had late-afternoon meetings to attend.
  • Not everyone can afford to dine regularly at four-star restaurants.
  • Where would you like to dine this evening?
  • At what time is everyone dining?


The word "dining" can be used as an adjective or as a noun:

  • The city of New York is known to offer a tremendous variety in fine dining.
  • When Tom traveled from the east coast to the west coast on Amtrak last year, he ate in the dining car every night.
  • We ate our dinner last night in the dining room.
  • Dining on seafood and steak at a good restaurant is a luxury many people can now afford. (In this sentence, the word "dining" is a gerund--not a verb.)


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November 12, 2012







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