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November 13, 2012 - Word of the Day



The word "except" is usually a preposition that means "not" something or someone:

  • Everything on the car works well except the brakes. (The brakes do not work well.)
  • Mohammad works every day of the week except Friday. (He doesn't work on Friday.)
  • Except for an hour or two, Jill didn't get any sleep last night.
  • All of the students, except for a few, understood the lesson.
  • I've given up eating junk food--except for potato chips. I love potato chips.

potato chipsCan't stop eating 'em.


To see more examples of how the word "except" can be used in a sentence, click here.


Note: The words "accept" and "except" have the same sound, so many people make spelling mistakes with these words.


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