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To agree to something, say "okay," or allow something to happen is to accept it. These sentences show how you can use "accept" as a verb:

  • I accept your offer.
  • Your application for a credit card was accepted. (Here the verb "accept" is in the passive voice.)
  • Allen was accepted at Harvard.
  • Christine accepted John's offer of marriage.
  • We can't accept anymore new students in this class. It's too full.
  • Don refuses to accept the fact that his son is gay.
  • My offer wasn't accepted. It was rejected.

There are three possibilities for the adjective form of this word: accepted, acceptable, and acceptance.

  • His behavior was not acceptable, so the school expelled him. (You can also use the word "unacceptable.")
  • Accepted applications go into this filing cabinet. Unaccepted applications are kept for one year before they are destroyed.
  • The terms of the agreement are acceptable to all parties involved.
  • The nominee for the position made a great acceptance speech. He told everyone he would be honored to accept the position.

Note: The pronunciation of "accept" is the same as the word "except." To except something is to exclude it or remove it from a group. Many Americans confuse the spelling of these two words; the meanings, however, are clearly different.


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October 21, 2012.







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