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The word "down" indicates this direction: down

In these sentences, it's a preposition:

  • There's a pharmacy down the street.
  • Let's go down the escalator.
  • Don't put that down the drain.

In these sentences, the word "down" functions as an adverb:

  • The little girl fell down.
  • The cat jumped down from the table.
  • Is this elevator going down?
  • My stocks went down this week.
  • We should drive down to Texas for spring break.

The word "down" is a part of many popular idioms:

  • Please write down the things that I say. (write down = write on paper)
  • Can we run down these numbers again? (run down = go over; review)
  • Stop bringing me down. (bring down = cause sadness or depression.)
  • It's not nice to put down other people. (put down = insult; say mean things)
  • She can't keep anything down right now. She's too sick. (Her stomach is upset and she's vomiting.)
  • The patient is coming down from her medication. (come down = to gradually feel less of the numbing effects from medication or drugs.)
  • I think I'm coming down with a cold. (come down with = get sick)
  • Ralph needs to calm down. He gets so angry. (calm down = relax; reduce one's anger or anxiety)
  • It looks like this deal isn't going to go down today. (go down = happen)
  • Mitch and Anne tried to talk the owners down a little bit on the price of the house. (talk down = negotiate)
  • Elaine really knows how to get down. (get down = dance)
  • A good supervisor doesn't talk down to his or her employees. (talk down = talk in such a way as to make someone feel inferior)
  • Don't let me down. (let down = disappoint)

You can also use "down" as an adjective.

  • Our computers are down. (They aren't working.)
  • Why do you look so down? (down = sad)
  • Are you down for a little action? (down = ready)


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October 7, 2012







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