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Use the word "other" when there is one thing, one person, or one group in addition to something else.

I have two apples.


This apple is red.

green apple

The other apple is green.

Tom has three sons.


One of his sons likes to play baseball.

football players

The other two like to play football.

  • These loaves of bread aren't fresh. The other loaves are okay.
  • On the other side of the street, there's a bank. (Streets have two sides: one side and the other side.)
  • We use three books for this class. Two of the books are for reading. The other book is a workbook that students can take home with them.
  • Just the other day we were at the beach and watching the sunset. (the other day = a day in the recent past.
  • These trees look healthy. The others don't look so good.

The word "other" is different from the words "others" and "another." I hope this video will help you learn about the differences.




Note: The word "other" uses a voiced "th" sound. To practice that sound, click here.


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