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The word "create" is very similar to the verb "make." A person who creates something is making something new or reshaping something. Use this word as a verb:

  • The children are creating some interesting art projects.
  • Who created this beautiful picture?
  • A party that got out of hand created a big mess. (get out of hand = lose control)
  • This construction project is going to create new jobs for the people in our neighborhood.

The adjective form of this word is "creative:

artist Pablo is a creative artist.

  • Pablo is a creative artist.
  • Artists are creative people.
  • They have a lot of creative ideas.
  • Our group has come up with some very creative solutions for these problems.

When put in the form of a noun, "create" becomes "creation" or "creativity."

  • That's a lovely creation.
  • The creation of new jobs is dependent on consumer spending.
  • The people who designed this building showed an enormous amount of creativity.
  • Her creativity impressed everyone.


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This page was first published on September 23, 2012. It was updated on August 31, 2015.






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