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A mark is something that provides evidence of activity. This word can be used as a noun or as a verb:

  •  A question mark goes at the end of a question.
question mark
  •  A check mark shows that something is finished.
  •  A postmark is placed on top of a stamp by the post office. (The postmark shows that postage was paid.)
post mark
  •  A runner gets on the mark at the start of a race.

On your marks, get ready.....go!

  •  The scar on his face is a mark that will forever remind him of a fight he had with another man.

Here are a few more sentences that use the word "mark."

  • When Sheila arrives at work, she marks her time on a card. (mark = write or record)
  • LeRoy got some bad marks in school this year. His parents are unhappy about his grades.
  • Bob and Cindy's anniversary marks twenty years of marriage.
  • The marks on the bottom of this chair show that it was made in Virginia in the 1820s.

Note: Mark is also a popular name for a boy.


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This page was first published on September 17, 2012. It was updated on August 14, 2015.





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