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If something is dull, it's boring, uneventful, or monotonous:

  • The movie was so dull I feel asleep.
  • This class is dull. The teacher needs to liven things up a bit.
  • Maria has a dull job. She does the same thing eight hours a day.
  • This has been kind of a dull day.
  • Grey and brown are dull colors.
  • Jim has had a dull ache in his stomach for the last few months. He should see a doctor. ("A dull ache" is small, constant pain that might come and go.)

We also use the word "dull" when the edge of a knife or any other object used for cutting is not sharp:

  • This knife is dull. It doesn't cut through the meat very easily.
  • These scissors don't work because they're dull.
  • It's not a good idea to shave with a dull razor.




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Published April 7, 2013





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