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The word "goof" is used when someone has made a mistake or does something stupid. It's also applied when people joke or kid around with each other.

In these sentences, "goof" is a verb. Notice that "goof" is often--but not always--followed by a preposition when it's used as a verb:

  • She goofed up her test.
  • He goofed on the last play of the game.
  • Stop goofing around! (In this command, "goofing" is a gerund.)
  • I haven't goofed up yet today.
  • He's just goofing with you. (He's just joking.)
  • They were fired for goofing around at work.
  • Those kids are goofing around on the computer.

In these sentences, "goof" is a noun:

  • She made a big goof on her test.
  • Why is he such a goof?
  • Stop being a goof.
  • They were able to catch the goof on the tax forms before they were submitted to the IRS.

To make the adjective form for this word, add "y" to "goof" to make "goofy."

  • This is a goofy song.
  • That was a goofy movie.
  • You're so goofy today.
  • That was a goofy thing to do.

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Published April 18, 2013




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